We would like to say a big Thank You for giving a try to SimpleTestIO. We appreciate your time spent with us but we have to say a Good Bye to SimpleTestIO because of technical issues which we couldn't solve successfully enough.

To ease the transition from SimpleTestIO to another solution we would like to recommend you some alternatives.

If you like trying tools targeted at more technical users, feel free to check out our new tool at www.casperbox.com. It runs CasperJS scripts (test scenarios written in JavaScript) so you have full control over testing your website.

To keep using easy testing tools try the fastest automated website testing tool at www.testomato.com which checks your website and alerts you to problems, or test your website for everything (spelling, SEO, social, cookie law, ...) with www.sitebeam.net.

Thank you for trusting SimpleTestIO to check your website so far.